A Moment Of Celebration

3 min readApr 3, 2023
The word Thank You spelled in multiple languages and overlaps over each other. The words are all different sizes and colors.
Image credit: Ashashyou on Wikimedia Commons; CC license

Eighteen months ago, I decided to start a blog…this blog…Taking Off The Armor. I promised myself I would write an article a week.

And I kept that promise.

Today’s article makes this my 100th article. Pat on the back to me for staying consistent for 100 weeks. Pat on the back to you for kindly reading my articles and on occasion sharing your thoughts. Those engagements motivate me to continue to write. Thank you.

Granted, some people might chuckle, as they churn out an article or more a day on trending topics and hit 100 in the first 2–3 months.

Fair enough.

I could push myself to publish more, but I’m not much for quantity. I could care less about writing about the latest trends. They are trends, implying they are only relevant until the next trend comes along. And honestly, I can barely keep up with my tweenie’s trends, let alone the general population. But, I do appreciate a few of those “how-to” articles that impact my world.

I do like to share my “Ah ha” moments, screw-ups, lessons (those lovely things we learn from our screw-ups), experiences, and reflections. I love to craft words that allow the reader to mentally paint a picture, bring forth an emotion, or come to their own “ah ha” moment. If they inspire one person, then it was worth the share.




Hi! I am a Veteran, Mom, nurse, writer, educator, blogger, and podcaster. Here to share issues impacting military transition. (Which impacts civilians too.)